Friday, August 26, 2005

op-shop shopping

Originally uploaded by leap-of-faith.
I am collecting hand embroidered cloths to make a crazy quilt style quilt. I remember them from my childhood and they are the type of thing that to me feel like treasures. Most are worn or stained, perfect fodder for reusing, but I have been lucky enough to find a few wonderfully embroidered ones in good condition which I won't be recycling.


Blogger Kim Carney said...

I love the blue bird! And your ATC. I do want to trade, just trying to find something worthy to trade. I have not forgotten!

6:18 AM  
Blogger tifty said...

What a wonderful idea. You are such an inspiration! I've been wanting to make a quilt from some of my boys old baby clothing - can't seem to part with, but what good are they in a box in the attic - maybe I'll get it going when "our" weather begins to cool a bit. :)

11:21 PM  

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