Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It is a few years since I have done any drawing and even then it was mainly self taught, but going to this class has made me think about drawing again - as a tool for being more creative. I can see the need to play and to use it to quiet that inner critic.

I was impressed with an entry in Tifty's blog yesterday. I then came across this in Eric Maisels - "The Creativity Book" today.

"Many people are embarrased to create in public. It feels unseemly to them, like kissing in plain view. Pulling out a writing pad in public heightens their self-consciousness and makes them feel foolish. But really - who is justified in pulling out her pad and writing right in the middle of a restaurant? You are. Who is not showing off in some narcissistic way but simply creating when an idea hits her and she sits down on the sidewalk to record it? You are. Who is not ridiculous or phony or eccentric or arrogant if she excuses herself and stops in mid conversation to capture a phrase that she's been stalking for a week? You. You have the right and the responsibility."


Blogger ste-pha-nie said...

This is good wisdom. It did take some degree of 'audacity' on my part to do what I had to do, draw in such a public place. This quote has got me thinking. When I get home this evening I will post a couple more sketches from that day with more musing, tying into some of the ideas form your quote. :)

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